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Starting 25:5

It’s that time again.

So years ago I did the 100:10:1 thing, partly because a friend of mine was also doing it.

It didn’t go the best, but was still pretty good for learning.

Anyway, that same friend posted a different method of choosing projects in one of his regular posts. So of course I’m doing that now * :)

* by now, I actually mean I started this a while back, I’m just getting around to posting about it now.

So what’s the deal?

Here’s a link to the article explaining it. Scroll down till you see STEP 1: for the explanation.

But the short description is - list the 25 most important things for you right now. In this case, the 25 projects I’m most interested in doing.

Then you pick 5 of them that are even more important or interesting than the rest.

Finally, and most importantly, you don’t do the other 20. They’re a distraction from the main 5.

So what are the ideas?

The 25 ideas I came up with are (okay 27 ideas, I’m still bad at counting)

Websites - 12

APIs - 5

Bots - 2

Technical learning - 4

Opsy things - 4

So which ones?

So far I’m really solid on 4 of them that I’ll pick (I’ve actually completed 2 already), but I’m still determining the 5th. I’ll let you know next post which one’s I’m going with.

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